About Jake


Jake Heilbrunn is an international TEDx speaker and best selling author.

His memoir ‘Off the Beaten Trail,’ has been described as “the young dude version of Eat Pray Love meets Into the Wild...but with a happy ending.” From scratch, he co-created and built a 7-figure business at the age of 22 and has spoken to over 15,000 people in 6 countries, sharing his inspiring story and teaching audiences how to replace anxiety with purpose and consciously create a career and life they’re excited about. 

Jake is the co-creator of The Idea Collective, which helps Thought Leaders get their message and mission out to the world through speaking. They have helped 200+ speakers share their message on the TEDx stage, amassing over 10 million views. He is an avid surfer, traveler, writer, avocado eater, and festival-goer who loves creating content, personal development, breathe work, cold plunges and connecting with like-minded people who want to change the world.


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