Action Jacquelyn: Listening to Your Body & Going From Anxiety to Bliss

Today’s guest is Jacquelyn Umof, who goes by the name “Action Jacquelyn.” Jacquelyn is a world renowned yoga and fitness instructor, former professional Ballerina and Laker girl, and Instagram personality. She holds certifications in Palates, Barre, & Kundalini Yoga and is the founder of the GetStrecthy yoga and fitness program and the StretchyFit app. Yes, she has lots of accolades and accomplishments, yet the thing I find most fascinating about Jacquelyn is her spiritual approach to fitness and life. She truly embodies a unified mind-body-spirit philosophy to everything she does. She’s helped hundreds of thousands of people heal pain, reduce stress and form a deeper connection with their body. And she does this all from a place of true power and authenticity.

In this episode, we talk about a lot of things and it really comes back to listening to your body and mind and taking the necessary steps to transcend limiting beliefs and experience bliss and Godlike states. We talk about panic attacks, the desire for control and the importance of letting it go to relinquish anxiety. We dive really deep into the mind-body connection and how to use and move the body and breathe to feel happier, healthier and experience higher states of consciousness. This episode was a ton of fun and it honestly gets way better as it goes, we really hit a nice flow and got into some deep stuff which I love. So please, without further ado, welcome to today’s episode with Jacquelyn Umof.

Show Notes / Links

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Get Stretchy Instagram:
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Instagram Post mentioned in first few min of episode:
38:00 Letting go and giving yourself permission to heal
42:40 Satanama meditation, Pineal gland & experiencing the presence of God
52:30 Having a panic attack, what it feels like and the beginning of an awakening
56:00 Trying to control → anxiety and stigma of mental health
1:00:38 Why having anxiety and panic attacks is a choice
1:03:30 Getting out of the loop of your monkey mind and moving your body
1:11:11 Noticing your patterns and developing self awareness

Jake Heilbrunn